This Yamaha Robot Can Ride A Motorcycle At Over 100MPH!


Yamaha continues to act as an innovator in the motorcycle industry. With newer and better models released every year, fans of the brand are often left to wonder: What will Yamaha do next? Well, in a bold move that surprised everyone, Yamaha has released details of a top-secret motorcycle project that is hoping to prove machine can hands down beat out man. Newest Bike Releases – Without raising the price tags on their most popular motorbike and street bike models, Yamaha continues to offer new and exciting features that their client base are bound to love. For instance, the 2016 Yamaha YZ250X is a lightweight motorbike model designed with the off-road racer in mind. A few standout features of the YZ250X include an 18-inch performance rear wheel, a narrow chamber, a wide transmission, and a sealed O-ring chain.

In the street bike market, Yamaha likes to keep their fleet affordable while not coming to compromise the high level of performance consumers have come to expect from the brand. The entry-level 2016 Yamaha FZ-07 allows you to have a sweet ride for under $7K. Everything about the FZ-07 is compact meaning you have plenty of great features without adding a lot of weight to the bike.

The steel frame is lightweight, but sturdy enough to keep you stable during handling. The two cylinder, eight valve engine has a slim design, but has excellent throttle response.

Cutting Edge Technology – The motorbike industry is a cutthroat marketplace. If a manufacturer isn’t willing to take risks, then they will never manage to edge out their competitors. Along with installing powerful motors and updating their gear to stylized items with a modern feel, Yamaha has been busy adding more high-tech user controls. Most recently, Yamaha has concentrated on updating their motorbike’s electronic systems in order to offer riders a safer and more convenient ride. First off, there’s the Internal Measurable Unit (IMU) that is constantly analyzing acceleration and direction. The feedback provided by the IMU ensures a smarter bike that knows how to react to the way you’re driving and adjust engine output as needed.

Another new feature for Yamaha’s motorcycles is launch control, which is a toggle feature that allows you to keep the engine’s rpm at the optimal 10,000 level. Also, the new and improved traction control included in Yamaha’s bikes helps you avoid wheel spin during angling maneuvers. The slide control allows for a smoother ride since it allows for the bike to make adjustments as you turn corners.

Say Hello to Motobot – Want to give yourself chills? Then, check this out – Released from Yamaha introducing their latest creation Motobot—a humanoid robot that has the ability to ride a motorcycle. The announcement of Motobot came during this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and has had tongues wagging ever since. Motobot seems more like a character out of a sci-fi movie than real life as he states in a drone-like voice, “I am Motobot. I was created to surpass you.”

Motobot is preparing to challenge the best racer out there. And from what we see, he’s not getting trained on a kid’s bike in order to succeed. He’s seen riding Yamaha’s sportiest bike in their lineup: the 1000cc R1M. This is an important distinction since Yamaha isn’t modifying their motorcycles in order to fit the needs of the android.

Details are scarce on the project, but the intent is clear. Yamaha is using inventors from its robotics and motorcycle design departments to create a robot that can competently race at high speeds. Yamaha wants to use the knowledge gained through testing the Motobot to create an overall safer driving experience. In order to get up to Yamaha’s racing goal of 120 miles per hour, Motobot must learn to mimic the functions of a human rider on a standard motorcycle. Once fully functional, the Motobot will ideally track all safety protocols. This data will be used in Yamaha’s continuing efforts to release safer bikes.

There’s no doubt that the artificial intelligence aspect of the Motobot is what will grab most people’s attention. And also the fact that Yamaha throws down the gauntlet in its ads to international racing superstar Valentino Rossi. Without a doubt, Motobot will leave Yamaha fans breathless to see what the biker robot will be able to accomplish next.

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