Behold the World’s First Flying Car!


When Did The Flying Car Rumors Begin? – Man has always aspired to flight and made their first actual steps toward it with the efforts of the Wright brothers. After cars first came to the market, ideas emerged to create a version that could take to the air. Designs for flying cars began in 1923 with projections of achieving such a vision in the 70s. It’s been on the minds of the daring for quite some time. Henry Ford and Terrafugia have tantalized us with the promise. They both have teased their contemporary public with almost a century between them.

But, we have yet to see flying cars happen. Those that remember the good old Jetson’s cartoon can recall the futuristic ability of their contemporaries to fly about with an evolved auto-like vehicle. It does appear that our nostalgic dreams of yesteryear may be fast approaching realization with new revolutionary technologies. A flying car might be coming to a city near you. At least, that is what one company is saying.

Is it all hot air or can the dream be realized? Find out more about the flying car concept and where and when you might expect to see your first flying car.

New Rumors Of An Auto Company Brave Enough To Build A Flying Car – There is something afoot. 2015 saw AeroMobil, a Slovakian company, offer up a prototype that serves as a car/plane hybrid, the AeroMobil 3.0. It was first seen at Vienna’s Pioneers Festival. A clip from AeroMobil demonstrates a vehicle that goes from a sharp roadster to personalized aircraft and then goes airborne from a grass runway. The auto industry already has a history of amphibious cars but can AeroMobil allow us to take control of another of the basic four elements, air?


Although not making promises and using a conservative tone in communications, they are suggesting that consumers may actually be able to own such a vehicle in only two years. Start saving those pennies, because childhood dreams might just become reality, making personal travel by planes obsolete.

What Could We Do with a Flying Car? – Stretch those imaginations. If flying cars became a real thing, possibly even fully autonomous, what couldn’t you do? AeroMobil says that the first commercially available model would be a two-seater with speeds up to 100 mph while on a ground, and 125 mph when in flight. Such a vehicle will be fueled with gasoline. Just stop off and get topped off at a local gas station.

With such distances before refueling, individuals could eschew national plane tickets and take off in their own vehicle to sun in Miami, see family in California and quickly see famous sights. Even the routine grocery run might be made a whole lot more exciting while in a flying car. Remote and small islands that were only accessible by boat or ferry, could now be flown to with such a vehicle.

How Much Would It Cost? – As it is not yet available to the consumer, it is hard to predict the actual cost of the first flying cars. It is safe to assume that the first vehicles will be beyond the price point of the general consumer, in the area of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but once mass production kicks in and a few generations have been out and about, the average driver might just find such a vehicle well within reach.Photo Credit:

But first things first. Infrastructure and legislation must be put into place when -worthy vehicles are ready. AeroMobil still needs to attract enough interest from investors to add to the coffers to enable mass production. EU does give them support. They will also need regulatory approval for their flying car. However, if they can meet all safety requirements and take care of such necessary steps, you can own your own flying car for only a few hundred thousand dollars. 2018 might just be the year of the flying car (and the deliriously happy driver/pilot).

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