The Best & Brightest Female Motorcycle Racers


Motorcycle racing is traditionally seen as something of a male sport. Though it was essentially male exclusive for many years, a large number of different notable female names have become part of the motorcycle racing family in recent years. There are a few racers in particular that are among the best and brightest female participants that the sport has ever seen.

Leslie Porterfield

One of the best and brightest female motorcycle racers is none other than Leslie Porterfield, who also holds the distinction of being a multiple record holder for land speed racing. She’s also been officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving the fastest conventional motorcycle speed ever recorded by a woman. In addition to being a motorcycle racer, Porterfield is also a businesswoman.

She owns High Five Cycles, which is a dealership that specializes in used motorcycles that is located in Dallas, Texas. She was also the star of a show on the Discovery Channel.

Elena Myers

Elena Myers has had a number of notable distinctions throughout her career, including the fact that it started when she was only 16 years old. At that tender young age, she became the first woman to win an AMA Pro Racing race as a professional motorcycle racer. Her notable race came in May of 2010 in California at a AMA Pro Racing event at the Infineon Raceway. Though Myers professional career began when she was 16, her amateur career started even earlier. She began pocket bike racing at the age of eight after her parents encouraged her to do so. Later, she moved onto mini bikes and then supermoto by the age of 11. Even from an early age she had a wide variety of different sponsorship deals, including one from a modeling agency called Umbrella Girls USA.

Melissa Paris

Melissa-Paris-ama-motorcycle-rider-femaleAnother one of the best and brightest female motorcycle racers is Melissa Paris, who holds the distinction of having the highest female finish in the Daytona 200. She has also won a wide variety of additional national races, including one in the 250GP class of the fabled race series USGPRU. As of 2013, Paris had made thirteen starts in various AMA Pro Daytona Sport Bike competitions. She has raced for a wide variety of different notable organizations, including MPH Racing Honda.

Shelina Moreda

ShezRacing-Suzuka-4-Hours-Shelina-Moreda-test-02Another one of the notable female motorcycle racers who is currently making waves across teh sport is Shelina Moreda, who starting racing with AMA Pro Super Sport in 2010. At the time, she was one of only four women in history to obtain her AMA pro license. In 2011, she also competed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with HOG Racing, which made her the first girl motorcycle racer in history to compete at that particular circuit.

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