What Happens When We Suit Up And Snow Board With Drones?


Photo Credit: omnifeed.comDrones were all the rage at Christmas time 2015, and for great reason. Move over flying toy helicopters. Drones are taking over. These gadgets do a lot more than fly into walls and break just by looking at them. Forget flimsy flying toys; drones do the things that we’ve always wanted flying objects to do. You can thank Amazon for this one. The online retail giant went full force with the advent of drones that will soon be used for one-hour shipping of your Amazon necessities. As a result, drone technology is so commonplace that your neighborhood probably has a drone or two in their garage.

The government is even onto this one with the establishment of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration via the Federal Aviation Administration. How cool is it that you have a toy that’s so realistic and official that you had to register it with the FAA by February 16, 2016? Makes you feel all sort of giddy inside. Drones Flying Fast – What can drones do? The real question is what can’t they do.

Drones are capable of pulling little kids on snow boards, delivering ice cold beer to ice fisherman, and a whole lot more.

They are providing the world with insight and footage that was previously unobtainable. Along with this reward there will be risk, but for the present moment let us enjoy the innocence of children using drones as snow boarding devices. It makes the world feel right again. The reality is that drones are going to take over the planet, allowing for a wide berth of transportation possibilities that we have only imagined. That opens all sorts of doors for amazing activities to be captured on film. How will you use your drone this year, in the year of the drone?

Playing Sports with Drones – Drones are great at pulling snow boarders and snow skiers, which means they would work terrifically at returning your toppled sled to the top of the snowy hill after you take the plunge. That’s just one area where drones could dominate recreational activities. Imagine using drones to play a super charged freeze tag. Instead of going out and doing the manual labor of searching for the enemies you can send your drone out in your place.

It will make the games so much more intense. You and your friends could play drone-freeze tag, similar to flashlight tag but, obviously, with drones. Think about how this would revolutionize scavenger hunts. Rather than playing the simple game of seek clues and find treasure, drones would open up the wide open expanse to a whole new level of hunting. The way drones will transform play time for kids and adults alike is awesome.

Photo Credit: dailymotion.com

Making the Most of Drones – With all great fun there is the risk component of someone getting seriously injured from a new contraption. Fortunately drones are still in their infancy and using them for sports, such as snow boarding, is relatively safe. Take advantage of that newness and jump on the drone bandwagon now. Sooner than later lawsuits and legislation will shut down the freedom of the use of toy drones for anything your mind desires. If you can think it, drone it now. The power is yours. Let this kid and their snow boarding concept stimulate your creative urges so you can be the next star of drone related footage.

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