The Monster Energy Girls Enjoy A Las Vegas Adventure


You’ve just ripped open a can of Monster Energy looking for that buzz of high-octane energy only Monster can deliver. Now, are you ready to put all that adrenaline to work? Out in Las Vegas, BJ Baldwin, the driver of the Monster Energy desert off-road racing truck checked in with the Monster Energy Girls and kicked off a weekend of wild thrills.

However, skydiving, riding a zip-line and partying until the crack of dawn are nothing compared to the non-stop sporting world of Monster Energy. A high-profile sponsor in the world of extreme sports, the big green M can be found at NASCAR events, in the garage at F1, flying off jumps at AMA Supercross and even through the drifts at national SnoCross meets.

If it goes fast, you will most likely find the familiar black and green paintjob ripping up the dirt in RallyCross, WRC, swinging wide in drifting, or even climbing in a rock crawl.

At times two-wheels can be better than four as stunt riding and Superbike dominate the weekend. However, it’s no short list of series that Monster is supporting. Try Endurocross, Flat Track, Freestyle Motocross, MotoGP and MXGP to round out your day.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.52.00 AMIf you spend time getting crazy when engines are revving, Monster Energy will be there urging you on.

If you’re looking for a blindingly fast Monster Energy logo, you only have to look as far as the water to find more teams winning in Personal Watercraft or wakeboarding, or head to the mountains to find mountain biking and skiing.

However, nothing will beat the combination of almost all the other motorsports when BJ takes to the dunes in the desert outside Las Vegas. The course combines high speed, drifting, high-impact jumps and endurance through the storied Mint 400 off-road event. It takes guts, determination and a bottomless well of focused energy to see your team to the end.

And waiting by the checkered flags are the Monster Girls, ready to support their athlete and all the fans that come out to cheer! Ready with smiles and laughter, the Girls are always posting pics of their latest escapades on Monster Girl Mondays after their scheduled weekend assignments. The Monster Girls strut their stuff in their signature tight, black outfits as often as they can, appearing at every event where Monster Energy is winning. Their latest stop was at the Boarderstyle competition in Canada and cheering Charles Reid in his win!

However, what do you do when you are a Monster Energy Girl and you’ve been told to meet BJ Baldwin not out at the off-road course, but at his garage? Loaded up with six-packs of their favorite energy drink, the girls followed BJ into the desert for some different kind of high-octane excitement.


Zip-lining off a mountain side will get your heart racing, won’t it? But there’s no crying by the Monster Girls, just lots of laughter and screams. After putting their feet on solid earth for a few minutes, BJ sent them off to try their hand at flying. Only in Las Vegas can you find a zip-line and an indoor skydiving school within a couple miles of each other. Again, the girls are ready to leap at the chance to try something new and insanely fun!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.01.44 AMNow that your heart is racing, maybe it might be time to chill out for a sec? Uh no. How about getting everybody geared up and head on out to Battlefield Las Vegas. You’ve always wanted to shoot an automatic weapon, haven’t you? What else would you expect of a professional athlete fueled by Monster Energy. After firing off some of his bad-ass weaponry, BJ and the girls were left shaking.

Which meant there was time to work off that entire day’s build-up of wild energy and head out to the clubs. Refueled by pounders of Monster Energy drink and dressed to the nines, the party never had a chance to slow down as the girls made sure Las Vegas would never forget them!

The next time you crack open a can of Monster Energy seeking that extra boost to get you through your crazy day, just remember not only can this great tasting beverage fuel you up, it keeps us excited all weekend long by sponsoring your favorite extreme sports.

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