What Happens When You Attach Jet Engines To A Big Wheel?


How often have you wanted to attach super powered engines to ordinary wheeled toys just to see what would happen? While most people have wished they could add jet packs to their superhero costume so they could fly sky high, and others have longed to add rocket fuel to their motorcycles, few have the nerve to follow through with such an endeavor. Some would say it foolish, others would call it downright dangerous, but for the UK lad Colin Furze from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England he would call it amazingly wondrous. Nothing could stop Colin from going balls to the wall with his pulse jet drift trike.

Amping Up a Drift Trike – First, what is a drift trike? In the UK there are these three wheeled devices that look absurdly like a child’s three wheeler but for grown ups. These have super stocky rear wheels that are perfect for drifting. If you are a “Fast and the Furious” fan then this is right up your alley.

Colin Furze, a former plumber who is now a filmmaking stuntman uses this low to the ground three wheeled bike to see what exactly a jet propelled system will do.

Blowing Up in the Wind – When you add jet engines to a Big Wheel you have a few options of what could happen. First of all, this added boost could blow the Big Wheel to smithereens along with whomever happens to be sitting in the seat. Secondly, the Big Wheel could become a careening motorized vehicle flying at full speed, literally, a few inches above the air. That is until the fuel burns off and leaves the trike sitting on the sidelines. But for Mr. Furze neither of these things happen. There’s something going on where the engine is sitting sideways, which has quite the interesting effect on the trike…

The Future for Furze – This Big Wheel on jet fuel experiment is only one part to this adventure. Previously Colin had fitted the trike to run at full speed, more specifically at a mind blowing 50 miles per hour. For any kid with a Big Wheel you can attest that this will likely blow the bike pedals off your trike. However for Colin it just meant that he would soon want to see it go bigger, better and faster. Jet fuel, obviously, was the fastest route for that to happen.

He’s no stranger to fires coming insanely close to his body, as noted by his wrist powered torch launchers. Furthermore, Colin has recently celebrated his 10th year as a YouTuber, which can only mean one thing. Major explosions and off the charts inventions will be coming soon to the 2 million subscribers of Colin Furze.

Photo Credit: shockmansion.comLearning Something from Colin Furze – While the majority of viewers will never attach any sort of jet pack to any type of trike or bike, we all have one thing in common. We are interested in those people who have the nerves and the guts to go for the glory and do this kind of amazingness. Hoping that each stunt and invention ends with a happy surprise is the joy we get from folks like Furze. Just as long as he stays safe and continues with the onward and upward attitude of keeping it real and explosive during his next decade of stunts.

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