Whoa, Get Ready To Break The Sound Barrier On This Insane Texas Water Slide!!


The United States is filled with thrilling adventure destinations and attractions. One of these is nestled in the state of Texas, the Royal Flush Water Slide. This is a truly one of a kind experience. The Royal Flush is actually a trifecta of huge water slides. The trifecta includes a kiddie slide, and 2 other behemoth slides.

These slides all vary in levels of steepness making this an ideal vacation adventure destination for your entire family. New to the scene, this slide was just introduced this past summer, it has attracted a vast array of water ride and warm weather enthusiasts. What’s more, there is a clip of the slide in action that has also gone viral.

With millions of views in less than a week, it was as clear as the water used on the ride itself, that this would remain one of the main attractions in the Texas area, for many years to come.

Located in Waco, Texas, at the well-known amusement park, BSR Cable Park, this park is filled with picturesque blue water, and enough rides to keep the whole family busy and entertained, for days on end. But remember, safety first!

All patrons must wear a helmet as well as a US Coast Guard-approved life jacket in order to participate in the festivities. Officially introduced to the world in a fantastic thrill ride made by AJ Aguirre and Ben Hamner, it’s almost impossible to view this ride in action and not have the urge to take it on a test run. Comparable to the likes of the the Walhalla Wave slide in San Antonia, as well as the Black Ananconda in Wisconsin, the Royal Flush marries excitement with a bit of fright in the most marvelous way imaginable.

However, much unlike the rest of the slides mentioned, the Royal Flush is actually believed to be the longest water slide in the entire world. A perfect ride for the daredevils of the world, this super steep slide allows for patrons to go soaring up to 100 feet into the air, before landing in a 15-foot deep pool with a clay bottom.  Named after the park’s general manager, Royal Wiseman, the slide also features a kiddie lane for children 6 and older, as well as a lane for extreme sliders who want to do ambitious stunts and use equipment such as bicycles and other water toys.

A great place to plan your next birthday celebration, graduation party, or even as a venue for a day party, adults have been having just as much fun riding the Royal Flush as the kids are. An awesome place to have some clean, adventurous fun, this is the great way to spend the day before heading out into the night life. Meet you friends at the water park on weekends and holidays or whenever you just need to add an element of fun to an otherwise mundane day. A great pastime for a reasonable price, there is never a need to miss out on the fun! Also, be sure to consider BSR Cable Park for you next romantic or professional getaway!

Furthermore, be sure to check out sites such as Groupon, Hotels.com, Retailmenot, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Kayak.com, and other discount sites as there is always a the possibility that a promotion is running for either group or individual park passes. Although the fares are already fairly reasonable, this might be a perfect way to book a trip, or take a class to enjoy a day on the slides! Group sliding can be fun as you can race and have diving competitions, among many other things.

Overall, the Royal Flush slide at BSR Cable Park is already more than living up to its reputation. With different slides available to accommodate people of all sizes and temperaments, virtually everyone will have a good time on this ride. Whether you are having an event, a romantic night on the town, or simply just want to enjoy a day of fun in the sun, you will find all the tools you need to take your excursion to the next level. Try your most daring flips and tricks, or just take a chill in the surrounding lazy rivers, either way, the Royal Flush will provide you with entertainment fit for a king!

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