Meet The Cutest Little Mechanic’s Assistant You’ll Ever See


See the mechanic that hired a cute 4 legged assistant to work in his car garage – The intensity of our love for dogs is undeniable, with nearly half of American families owning at least one dog.  They romp around our homes, entertain our children, look out for our families and are always willing partners for a day of fishing or working in the garage. Dogs are our loyal “buddies,” and no matter how tough we like to think we are, we all melt a little when they do something to prove their devotion. Numerous canine behaviorists explain that dogs have an innate need to belong to packs and to follow the directives of a leader.

They are most calm and content when they are given a task or duty that benefits the pack, and consequently receive rewards from the group and/or pack leader in exchange for a job well done.  These rewards can come in the forms of protection, shelter, community, food, etc.  Make no mistake – the dogs we bring into our lives view us as their pack, and they expect us to be their leaders. Although sometimes unintentionally, human leaders are constantly providing canines with a variety of jobs that fulfill their primal need to belong to a pack.

Following commands to fetch, sit or come are tasks we expect our dogs to complete, and we then reward them with praise, affection or food.

Dogs trained to hunt and track are performing a duty, as are canines who seek out drugs or bombs.  The nature of the job doesn’t seem to make much difference to our dogs, but their bonds with their leaders and their packs certainly do. One mechanic from Russia must be feeling particularly proud of his Dachshund partner, who has become an indispensable employee at the office.   Often referred to as “wiener dogs” due to their hotdog-like body shapes, Dachshunds are intelligent, energetic and thrive on being useful.

They stand less than a foot tall and generally weigh under thirty pounds, making it quite easy for them to navigate in tight spaces. Undoubtedly well aware of his dog’s potential, the Russian mechanic decided to give his Dachshund the opportunity to solve a problem that had been plaguing the pack at work:  How can we make tools accessible, no matter where we are in the shop? You know that irritation.  You finally wedged yourself under the front end of a car, only to realize that the wrench you need is waving at you from the bench at the opposite end of the shop.  Or you dig in your jacket for a socket and suddenly remember you stuck it in the jacket you wore yesterday – and left at home.

Well, this little Dachshund has done his pack justice.  Strutting around in a black vest with pockets sewn horizontally along the sides, he scurries around the garage upon request, tools on board. Upon the dog’s arrival, the mechanic selects the proper tool from one of the vest pockets, acknowledges his partner’s great work and returns to his own task. This assistant rarely complains or becomes bored with his job, has never been late to work, and is perfectly content with his wage.

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The photographs of the Dachshund assistant have become a topic of internet fascination, although no one seems to know exactly where he is working.  Some concern has been expressed regarding the physical toll the weight of the tools may have on the dog’s spine, but it appears the mechanic has taken care to use only lightweight tools in his assistant’s vest. In fact, anyone who takes the time to tailor an outfit so his dog can help him at work all day likely has the animal’s best interests at heart.  Before hiring your dog to work in your garage, take care to research how much weight your assistant can comfortably handle and contact a veterinarian if you are unsure.

If the photographs are any testament, this Dachshund seems to be quite content and pleased with himself.  After all, spending all day with your best friend can do that.

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