We’re Pitting Bentley VS Tesla In This Super Luxury Showdown


Two super fast, luxury SUVs have just hit the market at the same time. Each promises to deliver both the speed and handling of a sports car, but in a package that can go off road, seat seven and tow a hefty weight. Do they deliver? And which one is best? Bentley, Founded in 1919, has been synonymous with luxury since day one…

While most are still assembled in the company’s founding country of England, at the Crewe factory, the company is now owned by Germany’s Volkswagen. Still, the Bentley, owned for most of its existence by Rolls Royce, represents Old World opulence and the muted elegance that the most upper classes of Great Britain are known for.

To that end, the Bentley Bentayga includes some pretty unique detailing…

Of course SUV stands for sports utility vehicle, but what “sports” and “”utility” refer to in the world of the owner of a $230,000 vehicle is different than what the majority of us find sporting and useful…

There are some uniquely luxuriously add-on available, including a built-in “picnic basket” being priced at $32,000, it features a refrigerated box and automated access to the three compartments, as well as a set of Linley crystal and china. In one of the most over-the-top options available, Bentley partnered with Breitling to create a handmade chronograph to fill the role of in-dashboard clock. With only four being produced a year, this self-winding timepiece comes in the choice of rose or white gold with a mother of pearl face, and is studded with eight diamonds. It will cost car owners an additional $170,000 above base. It’s not all old school luxury on the inside. The car also comes with an Apple watch app, meant to allow passengers to have the same control over their environment as the driver.

The Tesla 2016 Model X P90D in the Details

If there could be a polar opposite to Bentley cars, that still had the same commitment to details, it just might be the Tesla. Whereas the Bently is all about Old World luxury, the Tesla has been founded on the most cutting edge technology. The company was incorporated in just 2003 making it a true 21st century car, and was named for the brilliant electrical engineer, physicist and futurist, Nikola Tesla. In addition to being forever associated with the ‘mad scientist’ of the power of batteries to store incredible amounts of energy, the Tesla Company will forever be known as the company that its CEO Elon Musk, a true modern day icon and innovator of the automotive industry, created. Although he didn’t take leadership of the company until 2008, it was he who began putting some of the most innovative and exciting cars on the road today.

The Model X is hardly a cheap car, coming in at just over $80,000. But even with a full range of added features, it will still cost about half the price of the Bentayga. Before we get to what that price gets you in terms of what’s under the hood (or in the case of the Tesla, what the car can miraculously do with what’s missing from under the hood), let’s take a look at a few of the Model X’s details. The most noticeable thing about the Model X, visually, are the doors. The front ones are completely automated, able to sense when you are about to enter, or have walked away, and will obligingly open and close on their own accordingly. And then there are the rear doors, the ones that almost sunk the company. These falcon wings are able to open and close with just an 11-inch clearance. However, one is left to wonder how necessary this costly technology was when one considers the fact that you’re able to move the car in and out of a parking space with just a smartphone. Additionally, Teslas are known to feature the very best in-dashboard touchscreen on the market and the Model X is no different.

But How Do They Drive?

The Bentayga boasts that is the fastest and most powerful SUV on the market, and it has some seriously impressive stats. The 6.0L 48-Valve engine has a 600 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. The engine is made up of two 3Ls joined at the crank shaft, each with a twin scroll turbo charger. In a truly innovative move, the driver is able to separate the two, allowing the car to achieve sports car acceleration, but while cruising the car can get unparalleled gas mileage for both an SUV and a Bentley. Additional drive features include a sports mode that takes advantage of a 48 Volt electrical system that runs the roller so that the car remains almost completely flat on turns. The car has a lovely quiet sound in driving, but does have a bit of a harsh ride being mounted on 21s without a lot of sidewall.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model X P90D boasts an engine that is non-existent. Literally. Yep, this electric car makes due with one of the world’s most powerful portable batteries, but has no internal combustion engine whatsoever. But what does making due mean, when your engineless car has a combined 532 horsepower and a 713 ib./ft combined torque? The car’s drive doesn’t have quite the same leather-laden humidor feel of the Bentley, but it does feel like you’re driving the world’s most advanced technology. Especially when you take your hands off the wheels or are momentarily distracted, but the car keeps driving on, perfectly safely. Yes, the car has a self-driving mode. This is some technology that has the potential to save lives as people have more and more technological distractions coming at them.Photo Credit: Motor Trend Channel on Youtube

So in terms of horsepower and sustained speed, there is no doubt that the Bentley Bentayga would win, but the folks at Motor Trend’s Head2Head got to wondering which car was quicker. Which could go from 0-60 faster and which would win in a short quarter-mile race.  If you thought surely not the electric car, you’d be wrong. Testing the two cars head to head (after breaking torque), the Tesla went from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, to the Bentley’s not-at-all-shabby 3.5 seconds. And in the quarter mile race? The Tesla Model X P90D was the absolute champion at 11.7 seconds at 116.0 mph. The Bentley’s 11.9 seconds would have been bested by the 2015 Tesla Model S P850 as well. The Tesla was the clear leader right up until both cars hit 80 mph at which point the Bentayga began to break away.

And just because the hosts of Head2Head know just how biased people can be against electric cars, they decided to put the Tesla Model X P90D against Italian super car, the Alpha 4C. But not in a normal head to head. Rather, they put an Alpha 4C on a trailer, which they attached to the Tesla SUV, and then raised that crazy contraption against an Alpha 4C in a quarter mile race. The Alpha 4C came up just short, racing against itself, being pulled by the engine-less electric Tesla Model X P90D!

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